Gypsies – Christmas Songs Collection – 53MB

ජිප්සීස් – නත්තල් ගීත එකතුව
Updated – 2018-04-03

A Kalakata Pera – -.mp3
B Rae Tharu – -.mp3
C Seenu Handin – -.mp3
D Bethlehem Pure – -.mp3
E Muthu Muthu – -.mp3
F Pulun Wage – -.mp3
G Gingle Bells – -.mp3
H White Christmas – -.mp3
I Adara Jesuni – -.mp3
J Namo Mariyani – -.mp3
K Ma Mavnee – -.mp3
L Seenu Handin – 2 – -.mp3
M Jesu Jesu – -.mp3
N Loketa Denna Beda – -.mp3
O One Day At a Time – -.mp3

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